Hello from Seattle ☔

How did you find GitClear?
I built it because I was dying to know what my teammates were working on, and I didn’t want to keep interrupting them in Slack. Nor was I into standing in a circle and trying to remember everything we worked on in the last two days.

What problems do you hope to solve with it, or how do you generally hope to use it?
These days, I use our Commit Activity Browser significantly more than any other feature. It’s my lens into everything that’s underway across the ~20 repos our team works across. Plus it lets me keep abreast of new libraries and conventions without needing to use pull requests.

What’s your professional history? Fun facts about you?
I’m probably one of few CEOs whose LinkedIn title of “Programmer/CEO” puts the CEO second. It’s a reflection of how programming was clearly what got our company this far, and to the extent we succeed spreading GitClear, it will be because we built the best product, not because we had the best CEO.